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Just because I think my husband is awesome, he gets his own page on my blog! 

Andy's Racing Page

7th Race:  8/6/11 - York
Race started at 6pm.  By 7pm, we were hanging out in the mens bathroom because York County was under a Thunderstorm Warming.  Sure enough, here comes the wind, the rain and the HAIL! 
Qualifying Heat - Finished 1st!
Feature - Broke an axle!  Technically finished 9th...

Very excited about Dad's first place finish!
 ....storm moving in in the background....

Rain making a mud pit out of the track

Double rainbow after the storm had passed!

the storm's backside!

6th Race:  8/4/11 - Lincoln
New decals!  "My Dad's Race Car"  .... Jackson and Daddy were pretty proud of these!
Qualifying Heat - 3 flat tires!
Consolation Heat -
Feature -

5th Race:  7/30/11 - Osceola
Qualifying Heat -
Feature -

Red Neck Racing Suite

Little man happy to be cheering on his dad

4th Race:  7/29/11 - Wahoo
Qualifying Heat -
Consolation Heat - Finished 3rd

3rd Race:  7/28/11 - Crete
Qualifying Heat -
Consolation Heat - Andy rolled the car on its side!  (and I didn't even get a picture!)

2nd Race:  7/23/11 - David City
Qualifying Heat - Finished 2nd
Feature:  Finished 7th
Little man warming up

Little man taking a corner... he says "I'm in the FEATURE!"

1st Race:  7/9/11 - Clay Center
Qualifying Heat:  Finished 2nd
Feature:  Finished 5th
First race of the year!

Little man....just like Daddy

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