Thursday, March 29, 2012


A cute new table topper... for ME! 
Made from "HOMETOWN" fabrics from Moda.  I love it! 
Originally, this was supposed to be something to put out just for spring, but I love it so much, it might have a permanent home on my dining room table. 

I had extra fabric and usually I would save it for another project, but it made the back look so sweet!  I couldn't resist!

a gypsy and a french general

A birthday present for my sister in Colorado.... who is now moving to ALASKA!  I made this wall hanging for her, but if I would have known, I should have made a big throw to keep her warm way up north! 

This pattern is called "Gypsy" and the fabric is French General. 

It is also my first official attempt at stippling on my regular machine.  I love it! 
My shoulders didn't love it, but it was lots of fun. 

Happy Birthday Sista!!!

oh baby!

Jars of bugs...I should take a closer picture!  The fabric is so cute!

a present for Baby Charlie.... I hope he likes it!

My first attempt at Minky on the back.... I put it on the MegaQuilter and it was a breeze!  I love it! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

when it snows outside - i can finally sew my snowman quilt

The first weekend in February, this is what we woke up to on Saturday morning! 

This is our deck, our COVERED deck!!!

 The snow didn't stop most of the day either... we ended up with 12-15 inches that day. 
It was a perfect day to start my snowman quilt.  I purchased this fabric on my quilt trip I took last fall.  But it's very hard to work on a flannel snowman quilt when it is 40, 50, even 60 degrees outside!  This Nebraska winter has been so weird....  So the first sign of snow, I decided to tackle it. 

most of the top is done!
Of course, I get this far, and I'm out of fabric.  I didn't exactly buy the fabric and the pattern together, so I was stuck.  A few weeks later, I did make a trip to Fremont and purchased additional fabric.  I'll add a skinny red border and then an additional wider black border after that.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to quilt it or if I'll tie this one. (I'm a chicken, I know.  It's big, it's flannel, and so far, the mega quilter is not up and running.  Stay tuned.....)  Now that it's the first of March, I better hurry up and finish it.  I may not see anymore snow until next winter!  

I have been quilting... just a little!

My friend asked me to make a quilt for her sister's upcoming baby shower.  Normally, I really struggle with making things for other people to give as gifts.  I'm just not comfortable with it.  However, this friend told me I could make whatever I wanted, she trusted me, and it wasn't needed until early spring.  She knew her sister was having a boy, but she didn't know that he was going to show up early! 

So I rushed to squeeze this quilt in right before and right after our trip to Disney.  Now, with baby's arrival, I have no clue when his baby show will be. 

the top is finished... this is my first attempt at using rick rack... I love it!

the binding fabric is a bright orange with a chicken wire pattern... too cute!

I love it!  It's so bright and cheery... I hope this little guy likes it too!

another reason I've been away...

Our First Trip to DisneyWorld!

first plane ride

Magic Kingdom!

Meeting Mickey

Animal Kingdom

Our favorite.... EPCOT!

my little athlete

Basketball is here and gone already and I haven't said a word about it!  Below are some pictures of my guy shooting hoops.  This was his first year for basketball, he's in 1st grade.  The games and teams are all put together by our local YMCA.  It's actually quite entertaining.  Dribbling is optional!

Great Season Beavers.... Go #6!