Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my unexpected life

Who knew that this is how my life would turn out...

Growing up, I couldn't wait to leave my small town.  I dreamt of living in a high rise in the big city. Now I live at least 8 miles from almost anything. When I was little, I hated planting the garden with my barefeet,  picking bugs off the potato plants and putting them in tin coffee cans, spreading grass clippings around the plants and podding peas on the patio.  Now I still plant my garden with my barefeet and I'm using all of the tricks my dad taught me way back when.  When I was about 5, I was scared to death of our rooster, Fred.  I didn't go in our backyard for an entire summer.  Now I have laying hens of my own and I'm teaching my son to pick eggs.  In the early years of my marriage, I called my husband at work to ask him how to cook rice.  Now I love to create in my kitchen.  A few years ago, I didn't know whether you plugged in a sewing machine or pedaled it.  Now I'm completely addicted to quilting.  After college I found myself in a minimum wage job looking across the mall parking lot at the local radio station and thinking, "If that guy can sell radio ads, so can I."  Today, I've been creating radio ad campaigns for my clients for over 10 years.  It's still a challenge and I still enjoy it. 

I am not in charge of this life.  Who knew this is the life I would live.....  Thank God HE had a better plan for me!

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