Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meet the reason why I haven't been blogging or quilting much......

Sometime in October, I decided we needed a dog.  Not just any dog, and INSIDE dog.  We've always had outside dogs, all for hunting, and they belong... OUTSIDE.  I never understood how people had dogs in their house.  I didn't get it.  It was so much work, it was so messy, no way, not me. 

VERY long story short, I changed my mind.  After a wild goose chase at the shelter, the internet and Craigslist, we found this little guy in Burr, NE.  I had Jackson with me on this adventure and when those two met, it was a match made in heaven.  This pooch was so sweet and he crawled right up on Jackson's lap and starting kissing away.  How could a mom say no??? 

We are SOOOOOOoooooooo happy he is here. He has had a few accidents, yes. He's done a small number on the woodwork on our back entryway.  But, it's only about 5 inches off the ground, and who looks at the wood trim 5 inches off the ground in a back entry any way.  He has a special infatuation with my husbands shoes.  But we love him. 

I even bought some adorable fabric to make a custom cover for his crate!!!  (shocker!)

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  1. What a perfectly good excuse for not sewing or blogging! He is just adorable!


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