Thursday, March 29, 2012

a gypsy and a french general

A birthday present for my sister in Colorado.... who is now moving to ALASKA!  I made this wall hanging for her, but if I would have known, I should have made a big throw to keep her warm way up north! 

This pattern is called "Gypsy" and the fabric is French General. 

It is also my first official attempt at stippling on my regular machine.  I love it! 
My shoulders didn't love it, but it was lots of fun. 

Happy Birthday Sista!!!


  1. Beautiful quilt for your Sister!
    Such pretty fabrics too. Best wishes for her move to Alaska! brrrrr.... ;)

  2. Hello. I am curious where the pattern is from? I found this on pinterest and I love it!

  3. I can't find a pattern called gypsy can you tell me where I can find your pattern ?

  4. I looked for a quilt pattern called "Gypsy", too, and cannot find it anywhere. It *should* be something I could recreate, but alas I'm a scardy cat to do any cutting of expensive fabrics without exact dimensions.
    Thanks for any pointing me in the right direction.

  5. HEY HEY I found it!!!!!!!

  6. Where is the pattern? I cannot find it! Thanks

  7. could you let me know where i can find this gypsy pattern thank you

  8. I am unable to pull this pattern up anywhere including the listed site henfeeathers......can anybody help me out? I have 2 layer cakes and am hoping that works! Thanks!

    1. I'm sure this is too late, but I just purchased the Gypsy pattern from Villa Rosa Designs for $2 plus shipping.


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