Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3rd Annual Birthday Girls Lunch

I moved away from "home" a few years back.  Sadly, I left behind a few good girlfriends.  We have lots in common.  We are all married to wonderful, hard working men.  We are all raising beautiful, healthy children.  We are all born in the spring :-)  We all share a strong faith.  We are all blessed by God in countless ways, and I am truly blessed to call them my friends.  We each are different in many ways too... I'm the only one that quilts! 

Even though I only moved 75 miles away, we don't see each other very often.  Three years ago, we decided to, at the very least, celebrate our birthdays together each year with a girls lunch.  The second year we got together, the girls wanted pedicures.  I reluctantly agreed.  It was officially my first and last pedicure ever.  There's a very good possibility that there is a youtube video of me dying in the pedicure chair.  I just don't have the guts to go and search for it. 

This year, I decided to make the girls a mini quilt with their last name initial.  Truth be told, I set out to quilt their last name.  Let's just say that that didn't happen.  I have a new book called Play Word Quilts by Tonya Ricucci.  I was late starting the project and I finished the binding the night before our lunch at my son's football game. 

Here they are!  What do you think? 

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  1. Well...I love mine! Thanks so much. We really need to do this more than once a year. Love ya. Wendi


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