Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Addition to the Farm

Special Delivery!  (I paid how much for this little pile of material???)
Ok, now its looking like something!
Getting there
Finished!  Now we get to fill it!
I realized last year that if I ever wanted our basement finished, we would need to put up a shed.  We have a big garage, but it's holding all of the stuff that used to be in our shed at our last house(s) ...(boat, mower, four wheelers, log splitter, gas cans, oil pans, race car parts [fortunately the actual race car hangs out at the actual farm], dog kennels, decoys, trailers, wagons, sleds, augers, you get the idea).  All of the stuff that is normaly in a garage is in my basement (tools, tools, tools, paint cans, hunting clothes, fish cleaning tables, random pieces of wood and insulation that my frugile husband came across in the trash piles from the builders building our home 3 years ago and he couldn't handle to actually throw away cuz we might use it someday, boots, more boots, and probably 8 boxes that hold the contents of 3 or 4 junk drawers from the last 2 or 3 houses, again you get the idea). 

Long story short, in order to have my dream quilting/sewing retreat in my basement someday, we needed a shed.  So, here it is.  One step closer to my ultimate basement takeover!  :-)  Hooray!

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