Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So proud of my little man

My little man, Jackson, has been very busy!  I went to his Animal Research Fair last Friday at school.  All of the 1st graders made dioramas of certain animal habitats.  They started with a shoebox.  A few weeks back, Jackson came to me and said I really needed to get rid of all of the empty shoe boxes in my closet.  "Mom, there are kids that really need a shoebox."  How can you say no to that??? 

He and his classmates did such a good job.  Each of them presented their projects individually as the parents walked around their room to each of their desks.  Super job Jackson! 

Jackson's Diorama - "Bears"
Notice the brown bear (made from paper) in the back... but he's pointing out the bird (made of blue clay) in the tree
This is his report that he wrote on Bears.  Where they live, what they eat, their cubs, even references on the back page!

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